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Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is an exciting facet of surgery that allows for less pain and faster return to comfort for your pet.

Our surgeons create small incisions through the skin to allow access to the surgery site through skin ‘portals’. Through these portals, we insert a small camera into different body cavities including the abdomen, chest, and even joints. We work with a magnified high-definition image that can often make the surgery easier and allow us to find problems that may be missed with a regular “open” surgery. Additional portals can easily be created to allow the surgeon to utilize specialized instruments to perform different procedures. The smaller incisions often allow for a faster recovery with less post-operative pain and a smaller incision for your pet.

We incorporate minimally invasive surgery in procedures including:

  • Arthroscopy for joint disorders (elbows, stifles, and shoulders)

  • Thoracoscopy for diagnosis of chest, heart, and lung disease

  • Laparoscopy for diagnosis and treatment of abdominal organ disease

Additionally, we perform a non-invasive laser disc procedure to prevent disc herniation/rupture. Visit our Medical Library to learn more about these minimally invasive surgeries

Questions about Minimally Invasive Procedures?

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