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Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center


DVSC was founded in 1986, principally as a neurosurgical referral practice, with neurosurgeries accounting for over half of all procedures performed.

Our team is available to evaluate, diagnose, and treat your pet’s symptoms of neurologic dysfunction, such as weakness, paralysis, back and neck pain, gait abnormalities, circling, and balance disorders. Fluoroscopy is routinely used to aid in the safe placement of implants (pins, screws, wires) during neurologic surgeries. Intra-operative fluoroscopy significantly reduces the risks associated with screw and pin placement in neurosurgical procedures such as spinal fusions and spinal fractures/luxations.

Fun fact: DVSC surgeons have been involved in the development and advancement of several neurosurgical techniques currently in use by other veterinary surgeons nationwide. DVSC was the first referral practice in north Texas to routinely use MRI and CT for the diagnosis of spinal disease! 

The most common neurosurgical diseases treated at DVSC are cervical and thoracolumbar disc herniation, lumbosacral compression, spinal fracture, and luxations, cervical vertebral instability (Wobblers disease), and atlantoaxial subluxation.

Visit our Medical Library to learn more about these common neurosurgical diseases:

  • Cervical and Thoracolumbar Disc Herniation-Intervertebral Disc Disease

  • Lumbosacral Compression

  • Spinal Fracture/Luxations

  • Cervical Vertebral Instability (Wobblers Disease)

  • Atlanto-Axial Subluxation

  • Laser Disc Ablation

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