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Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center

Soft Tissue Surgery

DVSC surgeons are trained in every aspect of soft tissue surgery and oncologic surgery.

Soft tissue surgery includes a variety of surgical treatments from foreign body removal to hernia repair to organ biopsies. We work with traumatic wounds (from dog fights to animals hit by cars) as well as oncologic surgery (including mass removals and amputations). 

We routinely perform a wide range of soft tissue procedures, including all thoracic and abdominal surgeries. Geriatric or congenital diseases can often be ameliorated or cured with skilled surgical intervention. Cancer cases have unique challenges requiring specific expertise in all aspects of patient care. Reconstructive procedures and skin grafting are commonly used in trauma cases. In all of these cases, DVSC surgeons are able to help.

Visit our Medical Library to learn more about these common soft tissue surgeries:

  • Brachycephalic Upper Airway Syndrome (BUAS)

  • Episioplasty

  • Gastropexy

  • Laparoscopy/Thoracoscopy

  • Laryngeal Paralysis

  • Mandibulectomy/Maxillectomy

  • Minimally Invasive Procedures-Soft Tissue Applications

  • Perineal Hernias

  • Peritoneopericardial Hernias in Dogs and Cats

  • Total Ear Canal Ablations

Questions about Soft Tissue Surgery?

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